Lexus RX 350

Lexus RX 350 Has the Features to Impress You

Your vehicle should be one of your most prized possessions but this will only happen if it comes with all of the features that you both want and need. There are few vehicles that are better equipped for this than the Lexus RX 350 thanks to its massive amount of high-end features covering every major category of the driving experience.

Advanced Phone Technology

With so many places banning the use of phones while driving, it can make you feel quite cut off from the rest of the world until you arrive at your destination. However, the RX 350 is able to work around this by providing you with several features specifically designed to allow you to use your phone while still remaining safe on the road.

The first of these features is the Amazon Alexa compatibility, which allows you to use an Alexa-enabled device without having to lift a finger. Instead, use various voice commands to do a variety of things like getting directions, making phone calls, and much more.

Connecting your phone to the vehicle is also going to easier than ever thanks to the Android Auto™ feature. So you can spend less time trying to make your phone work with your vehicle and more time enjoying your drive.

Handle Any Terrain

The RX 350 makes sure that you are never unable to continue driving because the road gets too rough. It is able to do this by offering its all-wheel drive system. Instead of being limited to smooth and dry roads, you can suddenly drive in unpleasant weather without struggling to keep control of your vehicle or maintaining your levels of traction.

Eliminating Distractions

Rather than being forced to take your eyes off of the road every few seconds to monitor your speed, RPM count, and other aspects of your drive, the RX 350 helps keep you focused at all times. The available color Head-Up Display is able to project important driving information onto the windshield within your line of sight to avoid having to look down.

Make sure that you have everything you need while driving by purchasing the Lexus RX 350 today.