TOP 5 Reasons the Lexus RZ Right EV for You

September 1st, 2023 by

Why is the LEXUS RZ the fully-electric vehicle for you?

Our Modesto, Turlock, Ripon, and surrounding area customers will enjoy driving around town in Lexus’s first-ever all-electric model. This sharply designed crossover features a chiseled frame, sleek but powerful headlights, suede seating, and futuristic cabin tech to stay connected on the go. The 71.4-kilowatt battery grants the crossover 312 horsepower, and it reaches 60 mph in just 5 seconds. It comes with all-wheel-drive capabilities, and it can reach up to 220 miles of range.

Are you looking for an electric vehicle and just not sure where to start? Let us help you! 

Here are the Top 5 reasons why the fully-electric Lexus RZ is right for you:


#1 Cuts spending on gas: You can drastically reduce your gas bill with an HEV or PHEV or eliminate it entirely with an EV. Not only does lowering your gas usage save you money, but it also saves you the time and hassle associated with stopping for gas on your way to your destination. 


#2 Requires less maintenance: Thanks to innovative technology and minimal engine design, the maintenance costs of EVs are typically substantially lower than that of traditional gas-power vehicles. The battery in the all-electric Lexus RZ lasts longer than most traditional car batteries, and they never require oil changes, which is one of the most frequent services required for standard engines.


#3 Lowers your carbon footprint: Many people are becoming more and more eco-conscious, looking for ways to control their individual environmental impact. Swapping your gas-powered car for an EV is one great way to do your part in going green, as these vehicles don’t release the same carbon dioxide emissions as other cars do


#4 Saves you tax money: Many EV owners can qualify for EV rebates and incentives. Hybrid owners are often eligible for a reduced cut, while BEV drivers with qualifying vehicles according to IRS guidelines may be able to deduct the full amount from their taxes. Schedule some time with our Sales Team to better understand what electric vehicle rebates you may qualify for.


#5 Friendly Features: A solid list of standard equipment includes heated and ventilated front seats, a heated steering wheel and wireless device charging. There’s also a panoramic moonroof that foregoes a conventional shade in favor of an available dimming feature that takes the glass from clear to opaque with the press of a button. Lexus says it saves weight and allows for additional headroom.

Let our Sales Team at Valley Lexus get you into your all-electric Lexus RZ. 

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